Our investment solutions are handcrafted to ensure that companies have the capital to thrive.



Madison Parker ensures that clients gain access to financing options. This ensures the allocated capital is maximized and optimized.
Allocated Capital
Capital and resources are disbursed according to strategic underwriting
Strategic Options
A multitude of solutions are often created and presented, in order to maximize production and potential
Intelligent Analytics
Intelligent reports and statistics are refreshed and integrated


Capital Access

Both human and corporate entities require regular capital infusions to obtain a state in which their capital is self-sustainable and self-generated. Our mission is to accelerate the world towards sustainable capital.

The Access to Capital is a right. Our mission is to expedite the rate at which capital is released into the American economy. When we accomplish our mission everyone has higher access to more opportunities. With access to more capital and resources, both people and businesses alike thrive.

When capital is disbursed and invested into appropriate areas of a business, there is a trend for the revenue coefficient to multiply, or compound upon itself, which produces desirable results. Algorithms assist our projection team to guide and assess returns.

We initialized a wide-net multitude of D.R.I.P campaigns, alongside refined waterfall preliminaries; these tools are what allow for the gathering of multiple datapoints, in efforts to trigger potential investments and opportunities. This extensive process reduces our false interpretations which may otherwise pass the human eye. This allows a true finance-technological integration, to create the world in which we call fintech.

Rates can be determinant upon previous performance and the analytics thereof. Upon an opportunity in which a profitable expenditure is foreseen, a highly trained specialist will be able to assist, choose, and present the most profitable option(s).

In the near future every person and business will have an opportunity to receive capital. Our firms revenue and increase in capital disbursement are growing in a correlated manner. We aim to ensure that the growth is maintained to further increase our clients, and our opportunities


Finance Optimization

All entities, both human and corporate require regular capital infusions to reach a state in which capital is self-sustainable and self-generated. Our mission is to accelerate the world toward sustainable capital.
Create a Plan

We review businesses financial status to determine if they can receive funding

Track Results

Results will be tracked for the entirety of service, in order to review, learn from, and enhance finances

Monitor Progress and Assess

At the point when it is determined that there is room for a financial re-assessment, the option is presented



Business Funding

Receivables based funding which can be taken at time of approval

Asset Backed Solution

If there are real estate assets which are offered to be pledged, we can assess a longer plan

Business Loan

Traditional SBA, Direct Loan, or FinLoan. Algorithmic solutions

Upfront Consolidation

To take many into one. Instantly up liquidity

Mass Consolidation

Allows debt restructuring to influx cash. Used in special circumstances

Revolving Line of Credit

A line which is underwritten to draw from at any time


Capital Deployment & Solutions

Marketing Solutions which create a personal connection with our clients, which ensures application and retention amongst our partners and competitors
Our team conducts in a national outreach to ensure there are adequate businesses and investments made across America. To maximize investments and funding, a personal approach is taken in which we will make personal phone call with the principal to ensure clear and open communication
We take pride in working hard and challenging ourselves by proposing new projects that will advance our skills and connect us as a team. We value continuous education and professional growth, encourage attending conferences as well as holding internal lectures and teachings.
Our philosophy focuses on the importance of financial knowledge and education for growing human capital, which has a positive effect on options for long-term wealth. We provide our clients with freedom to build their wealth in such a way that they can create the direction of their business with no restrictions.